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Torcán are an Instrumental Traditional Irish Music group based in Cork, Ireland. With All-Ireland Silver Medalist Jason Turk on the accordion, Seán Murphy on the Fiddle, Robin Turk and Brian Leach on the the guitar Bodhrán and Bass their Trad style draws together elements of Jazz, Classical, Rock, Dance, and Cajun into their own unique blend of Trad. Some people have described us as doing for Irish Music what Riverdance did for Irish Dance.
Millar of Sunday's Well (Jason Turk) - Fleur De Mandragore (Michel Bordeleau)

Creole Sunset (Max Cherry) - Mountain Road (Trad)

March of the Kings of Laois (Trad)

Torcán - Down The Lane
Music video for our brand new track "Down the Lane." Torcán perform "Den Store Paipolsen" composed by Åsmund Reistad from the Norwegian folk collective "Chateau Neuf Spelemannslag" followed by "Down the Lane", a jig by the Armagh born concertina player Niall Vallely.

Torcan - Ellin Polkka (Live in Camden Palace)
Torcán perform the Ellin Polkka with Suadela Bellydance at the Cork Tribal Equinox Festival 2015.

Torcan - Creole Sunset (Live in the South County)
Torcan perform Creole Sunset (Max Cherrie), a tune from the Carribean steel band called the Cherry Pickers, and The Mountain Road (trad), a traditional single reel. Recorded live in the South County Bar, Douglas, Cork.

South County Bar Douglas 9.45pm

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