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Torcán are a Trad Fusion band formed in 2005 by Jason Turk, multi-medalist at the All Ireland Fleadh Cheoil, and his brother Robin. Joined by Seán Murphy and Brian Leach from Co. Cork, these talented musicians create a rich and complex sound from the piano accordion, whistle, saxophone, fiddle, bazouki, electric bass, guitar, and bodhrán.

Inspired by the musical styles of Cajun, Scandinavian, classical, dance, and rock genres, Torcán expand upon the melodies of traditional Irish music.

From regular live sessions at the South County Bar in Douglas to gracing the stages at the Cork Opera House, Kilworth Arts Centre, and IMRO TradFest Showcase, to a performance in front of thousands at Turkey's historic Karagoz Folk Dance Festival, Torcán have already begun making their mark on the Folk music scene.

Entrenched in the Cork music scene, the members of Torcán bring together an eclectic mix instruments, experience, and musical influences.

Jason Turk
(Accordion, Whistles, Sax)

Seán Murphy
(Fiddle, Bazouki)
Brian Leach
(Electric Bass)
Robin Turk
(Guitar, Bodhrán)

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