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Torcán are a new-style Trad band based in Cork. Led by Jason Turk, multi-medalist at the All Ireland Fleadh Cheoil, and his brother Robin. Joined by Seán Murphy and Brian Leach from Co. Cork and more recently All Ireland Bodhrán champion Karl Nesbitt, these talented musicians create a rich and energetic sound from the piano accordion, whistle, saxophone, fiddle, bazouki, electric bass, guitar, and bodhrán.

They play a very exciting brand of Traditional Irish Music, arranged with great flair but always respecting the roots and origin of the music.”
- Seán Ó Sé, Traditional Irish singing legend

Influenced by artists such as Flook, Michael McGoldrick, Niall Vallely, and the Esbjorn Svensson Trio, Torcán expands upon traditional Irish music structures by incorporating rhythms and melodies inspired by other folk, Cajun, Scandinavian, classical, dance, and rock genres.

The EP Live at Kilworth recorded at The Village Arts Centre in Kilworth consists of original arrangements of folk tunes from Ireland, Scotland, Norway and “The Red Abbey Waltz”, a composition penned by Jason Turk.

Torcán’s music speaks to a diverse range of audiences as they have accompanied Sing Out Loud!, a high energy variety featuring 1,500+ children at the Cork Opera House, to IMRO TradFest Showcase, to a performance in front of thousands at Turkey's historic Karagoz Folk Dance Festival. True to their roots, they keep a regular gig at local pub The South County in Douglas.


Short Bio

Torcán are a new-style Trad band from Cork City featuring Jason Turk, three-time All-Ireland Fleadh Cheoil medallist in piano accordion, and Robin Turk, Brian Leach and Sean Murphy. These veteran multi-instrumentalists seamlessly blend the best of traditional Irish music with rhythms and melodies inspired by Cajun, Scandinavian, classical, dance, and rock genres.

Torcán has performed recently for the Townlands Carnival, Cork Folk Festival, the Royal Hospital in Kilmainham, as well as the Cork Opera House, the Village Arts Centre in Kilworth, IMRO TradFest Showcase, and Turkey's historic Karagoz Folk Dance Festival.


Fair Pay Policy
Our policy and approach to paying musicians is informed by the Arts Council of Ireland's publication on the fair and equitable remuneration and contracting of artists. http://www.artscouncil.ie/about/artists-pay-policy/.

We strive to:
Ensure that engagements are covered by a contract.
Give artists a voice in negotiating terms.
Differentiate between fees and expenses.
Pay artists promptly.
Ring fence artists' fees.
Distribute royalties equitably.

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